Victoria’s Reel Blondes at the Village Theater in Danville

It’s that time again.  Feb 24-Mar 10 & May 18-May 27. Vicki (Victoria Brooks) has assembled her cast of 7 to perform at the Village Theater in Danville. This year, she is running  for president of coarse is receiving advise from everyone including celebrities, political figures and anyone else who enters her salon. Complete with campy lines, big hair and lots of costume changes, this show is one of the best values for a Friday or Saturday Date Night.

If you have never been to one of these, you are in for a treat. This long running series began in 1981 with “Bleach Blondes,” at her salon at Blackhawk Plaza and has received rave reviews and the creators of Beach Blanket Babylon once threatened to sue because it got too popular? 

In the past, Vicki’s Cabaret Show has sold out early so don’t wait.  This year’s show centered around the upcoming elections should be both timely and funny.  Her shows are appropriate for all audiences and there are 2 Sunday Matinees available

Ticket are $30 and can (and should be) purchased in advance.

Ticket Sales and More info

Friday              Feb 24, 2012    8PM 
Saturday          Feb 25, 2012    8PM 
Sunday            Feb 26, 2012    2PM 
Friday              Mar 2, 2012      8PM 
Saturday          Mar 3, 2012      8PM
Sunday            Mar 4, 2012      2PM
Friday              Mar 9, 2012      8PM
Saturday          Mar 10, 2012    8PM ONLINE SALES- SOLD OUT –   

Friday              May 18, 2012    8PM
Saturday          May 19, 2012    8PM
Sunday            May 20, 2012    2PM ONLINE SALES- SOLD OUT –    

Friday              May 25, 2012    8PM
Saturday          May 26, 2012    8PM
Sunday            May 27, 2012    2PM

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