Lafayette Homes and Real Estate

Lafayette is known for it’s upscale lifestyle, it is situated between Walnut Creek to the East, and Orinda and Moraga to the West and Pleasant Hill to the North. Together with Moraga and Orinda, the area is often referred to as Lamarinda.

Lafayette as it is currently spelled has also been spelled La Fayette. The name originated with an application for a US Post Office back in 1857. The original application requested Centerville as the name for the area but it was declined because there was already a Centerville. The application was quickly amended to La Fayette after the French Military Hero that fought in the American Revolution named marquis de Lafayette.

Lafayette has a vibrant downtown, open spaces including the Lafayette Reservoir and what some call “perfect weather”. Winter temperatures are mild and though summer heat of up to 100 is common, the cooling breezes from the San Francisco Bay often help cool the area during the evening.

Originally a farming community, Lafayette’s population started growing in the mid 1900’s and in 1968 it incorporated as it’s own city. Today it has it’s own BART station and the homes there are highly sought after and command higher prices then homes in Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill.


Around and About Lafayette

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