Hayward Homes and Real Estate

Hayward is situated in the East Bay South of Oakland, West of Dublin/Pleasanton and North of Fremont. Historically it was a farming community having it modern roots as a part of a land grant to Don Guillermo Castro (Castro Valley) in the mid 1800’s.

Legend has it that Castro found William Dutton Hayward living on his property and confronted him as a trespasser. After a while, they became friends and learning that Hayward was skilled as a rancher, Castro sold him 56 acres of his land and Hayward was born. William Dutton Hayward went on to build a 100 room hotel in 1852 and Hayward began attracting settlers and tourists.

Following WWII, Hayward rapidly grew becoming home to many who work in some of the war factories during the war who stayed in the area. Today Hayward is the sixth largest city in the Bay Area with a population of over 150,000.

Homes in Hayward are inexpensive compared to much of the other parts of the bay area. The area is rich in cultural diversity.


Around and About Hayward

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