Alamo Homes and Real Estate

Alamo Homes are a great example of what rural life should be. The early founders of the area fought hard to protect their vision of Alamo being a great community with open spaces, large homesteads, few commercial endeavors and community standards that favor great schools, environmental protections and a safe and happy way of life.

Several times over the last 50 years Alamo fought off attempts to incorporate the area into Danville and today Alamo remains an unincorporated town having no direct government and relying on the County Sheriffs Office for police and the San Ramon Fire District for fire protection services.

Round Hill Country Club opened in 1960 and today it is one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the valley. Homes that surround the country club are expensive custom properties that are both expensive and large.

The average family income for the 16,000 or so residence of Alamo is very high and the home values reflect it with the least expensive home priced around $600,000.

Around and About Alamo

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